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Gulf CV Experts is an executive writing firm that prepares specially tailored and unique documents for job as well as academic purposes. The list of documents include resumes, cover letters, professional biographies, LinkedIn profiles, statements of purpose, and more. We have extensive experience in preparing winning applications for clients across the globe, but we specialize in working for the Middle East subcontinent, including GCC countries of Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and also Egypt, Nigeria, Jordan, etc.

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In today’s digital age, people have very less time on their hands to read through an entire book. They prefer reading the summary at the back to get an idea of the book’s storyline. This rings true in the professional world as well. Whether you apply for a job or just wish to be noticed in the online space, your documents and your LinkedIn profile make a big difference. Recent studies have shown that a potential recruiter will spend a paltry 5 to 7 seconds reading your documents or browsing your profile before he/she ultimately decides the fate of your application. Naturally, how you present yourself on paper or web space plays a big role in getting you selected or rejected for the next stage. They say well begun is half done – if you present yourself well on paper, you’re already halfway there to secure your job or admission in a university.

Personal branding, or the practice of marketing yourself as a brand, is what we do here at Gulf CV Experts. Whether you want a professional resume to nail that coveted job application, or a carefully constructed SOP to get an admission in that prestigious university, we have everything covered for you. Once you place an order with us, our team of professional writers elicits your requirements, conducts extended research on your profile, and then prepares your documents that are aligned not just towards your needs, but also towards your profile. Our writers ensure that the documents are not just a copy + paste affair; rather they ensure that your profile is meticulously understood, and the uniqueness in your profile is appropriately reflected in the type and purpose of the document being created

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First and foremost, we have written thousands of documents for a large clientele that spans nearly 4 continents – and not just regular documents – we have written interview winning documents that have garnered instant appreciation from the clients and the HR personnel alike.

Second, we do not just copy and paste information from the internet and call it a day. Our writers note down your purpose behind getting the document/social profile developed, understand what your expectations are from the end product, analyze your profile, research the internet to get a better idea of what you do, and leverage their knowledge in preparing a draft that is unique to you.

Third, we do not have fixed templates. As mentioned earlier, each profile is unique in itself. Therefore, to bind it within the constraints of fonts, formats, etc. is something we don’t do. Our writers study your profile carefully, carry out internet research, and create a template best suited to your profile.

Lastly, when you place an order with us, you do not get just the documents developed. Your writer also advises you of future trajectories to pursue that could leverage your current set of skills, and also apprises you of various strategies to better project yourself as a brand in the market.

Go ahead, place that order, and we promise you will find us actualizing our promises to you