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Case Studies

Resume for Cost Engineer - Kuwait Market

Baskaran came to us sometime back in 2013, seeking professionally developed documents to expedite his job search. He was in Saudi Arabia and wanted to shift to Kuwait. He had almost 5 years of experience in the field of Project Control and Cost Management, but was unable to convey his value and skills through his own resume. When he came to us, his documents were not getting him the type of response he was looking out for. The data was arranged, the resume looked arranged, but as mentioned previously, it did not convey the value Baskaran was to bring to an organization.


We took his old resume, and figured out the problem areas.

1. The font was too small to read.

2. The resume summary and his key result areas were all mixed together, no highlights from the profile, to differentiate him from a myriad of candidates having the same profile.

3. The key competencies section was mixed with the experience section, and not placed in the beginning of the resume to make an impact.

4. The resume layout was somewhat functional, with just the key responsibilities being listed and key highlights section placed above the current responsibilities.

5. Individual job duties were not elaborated upon. 


Here’s how we revamped his resume that got him the results he wanted:

1. We changed the overall formatting and layout of the resume, in line with the industry trends for a professional of his experience. We changed the font too, so that one could easily read through the resume without having to squint much.

2. A short bio-style summary was added in the beginning, to emphasize on the specific skills he was bringing to the next organization, and in line with the type of roles he was looking for.

3. A Key Result Areas section was created, to bring out specific value he delivered during his till date career, and also stating key highlights of his till date experience. To this tune, the Key Competencies were written separately in another section, right below the Key Result Areas section. 

4. The functional layout was dropped and the reverse chronological format was adopted, to elaborate on individual job duties.

5. The responsibilities were written individually, attributed to each role he’d held and was holding at present, to allow the recruiter to provide an insight into what specifically he did in each role.

Case Study - Gulf CV Experts


The newly developed resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile worked wonders for Baskaran, who immediately got hired in an international company in Kuwait. The resume clarity was appreciated by the recruiter who took his interview, as well as Baskaran himself.


In his own words:

“I want to thank for the service provided to me (Resume Writing and LinkedIn Profile). Now I got a good job in a International EPC in Kuwait just because of the Resume Written by yourself.  The Clarity in resume has been appreciated by the Project Manager who took my interview. At final he appreciated for my resume and he said my resume is interesting which made him to select my resume for Interview Process. I want to thank you for the professional service which was well done. The effort which has been put into my new resume is clearly visible. It looks much more impressive and portrays a strong profile. Thank you very much for your good work.”


Client satisfaction prevails above everything else, and this case proved it once again.