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code of conduct

At GulfCVExperts, we prioritize client deliveries over everything else. All our writers, consultants and managers (collectively known as Members) must agree to abide by the Code of Ethics. This Code affirms professional standards expected of the company’s members in relation to delivering effective services to clients.

This Code is intended to fulfil the following functions:

1. Members must provide clients with a clear statement of how a dealing is to be conducted and set a crystal clear expectation from the same. The client needs to be informed what he or she can expect from the service which is being rendered.

2. Members are required to act with integrity in all dealings with clients (past, present and future), and other organizations and must uphold the organization’s dignity.

3. All members are expected to ensure the highest possible standards during the planning and delivery of services.

4. Only qualified and suitably experienced writers must be allocated projects. Every member needs to utilize industry knowledge and research database to deliver superior resume quality to every customer.

5. Members are required to remain up-to-date with employment trends, laws and regulations as well as general best practices related to the writing process.

6. Writers are expected to comply with legal obligations during the writing process and while communicating with clients.

7. Members – writers and consultants will take all possible measures to maintain confidentiality and privacy of their clients. Members understand that present or future clients may provide them with information when signing up for services. This information should not be used or disclosed without the written or verbal consent of the client.

8. GulfCVExperts – as a company will be truthful with clients and will ensure high moral values when guiding clients at all times

9. Members will maintain professionalism and integrity when communicating with customers and conduct affairs with dignity

10. Members are expected to share knowledge, research, and experiences with fellow writers and support the advancement of resume writing at GulfCVExperts

11. Members will provide quick and effective resolutions to client complaints and queries and ensure all customers go back satisfied with the services

A Review of the Code of Conduct will be undertaken annually, sent to all writers for signing.