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Cover Note / Application Mail

SOPs, Cover, Thank You, and Follow Up Letters

For various applications come different types of letters. Many candidates of today are either unaware of, or do not realize the importance of these letters. It is noteworthy here that these letters can be the difference in the candidate getting the job or becoming lost in the sea of competent candidates.

Professional Letters for Job Application purposes:

Cover Letter: The best medium to introduce yourself to a recruiter without being present in person. A cover letter, while being a succinct account of who you are as a professional, also serves as a medium to showcase to a potential recruiter why you should be considered for a particular job, by explaining how your skills match the requirements of the job, as concisely as possible. As is with all our documents, our Cover Letters too, are written keeping your professional strengths in mind, but with a tone that is more you. Each Cover Letter we prepare is specifically prepared with regards to your professional life, and the kind of job openings you are targeting.

Thank You and Follow Up Letters: In today’s era, when people do not have time for personal interactions, writing and sending a Thank You note to a recruiter, explaining that you’re grateful for the opportunity to interact with them, goes a long mile in establishing you as a professional, while simultaneously boosting your chances of gaining a job. Subsequently, a Follow Up note also serves its purpose when you’re looking to know the status of your candidature for a job opening you’ve applied to, in a manner that demonstrates professionalism. At Gulf CV Experts, we also prepare Thank You and Follow Up Letters that serve their purpose, and can be easily edited and tweaked for each job position applied. We prepare these letters keeping in mind your differentiating factors as a professional.

Statement of Purpose: Most top-notch universities require an essay that talks about you as an individual, and also displays your interest and reason for applying to a certain course. This essay, or the Statement of Purpose, is a key academic application document these days and plays an integral role in acceptance or rejection of your application in the university you want to study into. A well-written SoP within the defined parameters of the university application boosts your chances of getting inducted. Our Consultants note down your requirements after a detailed discussion, conduct research on the desired course and university, and then frame your SoP keeping in mind your strengths and mapping them according to the offerings the course or the university has for you, all the while maintaining university-specific guidelines. You get the first draft on the promised date, and you can opt for as many changes in it till you are completely satisfied with the end product.

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