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International Resume Writing

Not everyone opts to work in their home country. Some are sent overseas by their existing companies, while some choose to get employment in a country that is not their native place. In both the cases, getting an employment in a foreign land has the same requirement as is with any other company – a resume showcasing a candidate’s skills and capabilities. However, what varies is that not every country’s employer looks for the same details – some require more details, while others require less, depending on what their country’s labor laws depict.

In such a case, an international resume comes to the rescue. While employers in the GCC look for more detailed employment histories and inclusion of personal information in their resumes, employers in developed countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc., prefer resumes that are crisp and concise, to the point, and do not contain any information that can be used to identify an individual in person. In fact, in the US, it is not legal to mention any personally identifiable information in the resume.

While we specialize in preparing career documents for the GCC market, we have a proven record of preparing resumes for people seeking jobs in the international market, including the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and the APAC region. We develop resumes that are specially designed for the international market, and can easily be uploaded on job portals or can be passed through a resume parser/ATS.

These resumes are optimized for keywords, and the formatting is kept simple at its best, so that they are in an easily readable format, and can be passed through Applicant Tracking Systems easily. The essence of the service is the same – you provide us your requisitions and old documents, and we prepare a draft that is in line with your specifications – only that it is molded for a specific market.

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