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Visual/ Graphical Resume Writing

While a text resume is always the safest option, people these days are getting creative with their resumes. “Less is more” seems to be the mantra for the day, with more and more professionals opting to present their professional achievements visually on their resume through pictures, graphs, charts, etc., which in turn has been appreciated by recruiters as well.

A visual or graphical resume gives you an advantage from the very beginning. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but is also reader-friendly and draws attention to the crucial parts of the resume immediately. This includes quantitative achievements, multi-country experience, etc. A visual resume saves a recruiter’s time by focusing and emphasizing what’s relevant, without having to sift through mounds of text on a resume.

Visual resumes are very much in trend these days for their beautiful looks and instant, attention-grabbing format. In today’s world where attention span is limited, a visual resume serves its purpose by allowing a recruiter to quickly read through a candidate’s resume and still capture their professional worth.

When you sign up for a visual/graphical resume service with us, we prepare you a résumé that is very less on text, but is spot-on for visual impact. We present your career achievements and highlights in the form of pictures, graphs, pie charts, etc. so that the recruiter can easily and quickly understand your value proposition from the resume, without having to spend a lot of time reading through text and locating your achievements.

With Gulf CV Experts, you get a résumé that is:
  • Visually appealing through the use of pictures, graphs, and more to enhance the overall look.
  • Easy and quick to read due to less text presence in the resume.
  • Effectively captures the important details and information from your career.

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